Saturday, March 20, 2010

Captain John Metcalf Sr.

Captain John Metcalf of Fauquier County Va. funded his own group,of militia in the Revolution for eight years. He came down the Ohio from Va. through what is now Pa. in 1783 with the famed Simon Kenton on a flat boat with 41 others. He helped to set off his treasury warrants in Fayette Co. Va. which became Bourbon Co., then Nicholas Co., then Robertson Co. I searched for several years for the gravesite but unable to find it on his grant on the Licking River placed the stone on his sons farm cemetery at Forest Retreat on Rt/ 68 south of Maysville and near Carlisle Ky. The farm is still well known as a bed and breakfast and belonged to Gov. Thomas Metcalfe who was the sixth Gov. of Kentucky and son of John Metcalf and Rhoda Dent Chinn Metcalf. Rhoda was his third wife. His first wife was Sybil Farrow and second wife was Mary Obryant. John had a total of fifteen children and most of them came to Kentucky and several were stone masons and FreeMasons. They built a lot of the stone structures in the area and the Old Capitol Building in Frankfort as well as some of the origianal County Court Houses. My line goes back to his daughter Mary who married John Rodgers of Fauquier County Va. and came to Mercer, then on to Franklin County Ky. A letter was found from a freind of John Metcalf's of Fauquier behind the fireplace in George Washington's home at Monticello some years after the Rev. concerning the shooting of a horse from under his wife by the English troops while she was carrying a message to Washington. He is listed as a Patriot of the Revolution as well as an officer. Love to all and Gooday Harold and Jeanne I have another sled bought in Lakeside Mich. and will pick it up next week sometime. Restoring them.


  1. Hello, I am also a direct descendant Of John Rodgers and Mary "Molly" Metcalfe. Eli Rodgers via Albert A. Rodgers. John and Mary are buried in Lebanon Cemetery in Franklin Co. just across from the Shelby Co. line. No tombstone. Eli is buried in Indian fork cemetery in Shelby Co. I have never heard of Hamilton Rodgers? John, Henry, John Rodgers.I would love to talk genealogy with you. If you are in Shelby Co. I can take you to the cemeteries. also the farm that was Eli's is still in the Rodgers family. my email Thanks, Pennie Rodgers

  2. I am a direct descant of Capt. John Metcalf of Va and later Sturgis Ky. He must have been JM jr. He fought in the battle of saratoga. His wife Nancy brought him picnic lunches as he waitd for "gentleman Johny Burgoyne to come down from Canada. There is a family oral history that Nancy was fired on by english troops. Nancy married Ila Davis and my 1st cousin Bobby Davis still farms the property in KY