Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Family Gravestone placements

Three new stones that I put in yesterday at the Shannon Cemetery in Shelbyville, Ky. Sam is our fourth Gr granddad, John is our third and William is Samuel's brother. He gave the land for the town of Shelbyville and was the Conductor General of Commisaries for George Rogers Clark for the full time of the war. He was just ready to go into Ohio on Indian raids with Mad Anthony Wayne when he was killed by another guy in town who threw a rock at him. He turned around at the wrong time(he threw a knife and killed the other man instantly) and the rock hit him in the temple and he died the next day. He was never married and therefore was never entered in the DAR or SAR so I took it upon myself to get him a gravestone as next of kin. One man has made a statement that he had 300,000 acres at one time but I can only frnd about 80,000 in treasury warrants. John and Polly Finley Shannon's daughter, Polly married Dennis Reardon of Northern Franklin county(he had lived in Shelby Co, where Polly was born. The line, Henry, Hiram 1, Dennis, Hiram2, Robert, Enos and down to those mean kids of his. Stayed in Shelbyville last night and drove home this morning. Those stones weigh 230 pounds each and there is 200 pounds of concrete around each one. I dig the holes and get ready and unload them off the truck and Jeanne holds them while I finish leveling. I seeded them down and put straw around them. William Shannon of the Shannon Funeral home takes care of the place now. Love to all and Gooday Harold and Jeanne

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