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My father, Enos Price Rarden, My mother Perlina Ellen Thompson Rarden

My 2 grandfathers, Robert Washington Rarden, Benjamin Marvin Thompson

My 2 Grandmothers, Saphronia Bell Moore, Mary A. Martin Thompson

My 4 Gr. Grandfathers, Hiram Rearden, Charles M. Moore, Benjamin F.
Thompson, James Hodge Martin

My 4 Gr. Grandmothers, Mary (Molly) Francis Quire Rearden, Mary Jane
Allison Moore, H. Annie Davis Martin Thompson(Widow), Perlina Ellen
Hulett Martin

My 8 Gr.Gr. Grandfathers, Dennis Reardon, John F. Quire, Gershom Moore,
William Henry Allison, Telephus Pepper Thompson, Hiram Davis, James
Cleland Martin, Andrew Jackson Hulett

My 8 Gr. Gr. Grandmothers, Mary (Polly) Shannon Rarden, Mary(Polly)
Tracy Quire, Amy Holloway Moore, Nancy Ryneirson Allison, Elcinda Swope
Thompson , Julia Ann Scroggins Davis , Jane Martin Martin, (daughter of
James Martin of Pisgah), Perlina Ellen Rodgers Hulett

My 16 Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfathers, Hiram Reardon 1, John B. Shannon, William
Quire, Jeremiah Tracy, William Moore, Charles Holloway, Abraham
Ryneirson, Henry J. Allison, Andrew Peyton Thompson, Samuel Swope,
Henry Davis, Robert Caldwell Scroggins, James Donald Martin of
Muhlenberg Co. James Martin of Pisgah, Woodford Co., William Hulett,
Eli Rodgers.

My 16 Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandmothers, Isabella(Ebe) Aynes Reardon,
Mary(Polly)Finley Shannon, Margaret C. Unk Quire, Elizabeth Heppard
Tracy, Unk Mrs. Wm. Moore, Hannah Bell Holloway, Leah Demaree
Ryneirson, Mary Noel Allison, Elizabeth Pepper Thompson, Artimecia
Kemper Swope, Mary Morris Davis, Ann Culver Scroggins, Mary Rice
Spilman Martin, Martha Elliot Martin, Rachel Page Hulett, Francis(Fannie)
Ellis Rodgers.

My 32 Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfathers, Henry Reardon Sr., William Haynes(Aynes),
and John Searcy Jr. (Stepfather)., Samuel Shannon, John Finley, Unk Mr.
Quire, Unk father of Unk Mrs Wm. Quire, Unk Mr. Tracy, unk father of unk
Mrs Tracy, unk Mr Heppard, unk father of unk Mrs Heppard, unk father of
Wm. Moore, unk Mr Holloway(?George), unk Mr. Bell of Woodford, Barent
Ryneirson Jr., John Demaree, Henry Allison Sr., Unk Mr. Noel, James
Thompson of Garrard Co., William Holton Pepper, Benedict Swope Jr.,
John Thomas Kemper, Unk Mr. Davis, unk father of Mrs. Davis, Joseph
Scroggins, Nathan Culver, Hugh Martin ll, Benjamin F. Spilman, William
Martin Sr., Robert Elliot Sr., Joseph Hulett, John Rodgers, John Page,
Joseph Ellis. These men born circa 1720-1750

My 32 Gr.Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandmothers, Mary H. Searcy Reardon, Anne
Aynes(Haynes), Martha Bracken Shannon, Esther Reid Finley, Unk. Mrs
Quire, Unk mother of unk, Mrs quire, Unk Mrs Tracy, Unk Mrs. Heppard, Unk
Mrs. Holloway, Unk Mrs Bell, Bathsheba Lawson Allison, Unk Mrs Noel,
Antie Banta Ryneirson, Nancy Unk Demaree, Ruthie Peyton Thompson,
Lucy Smith Pepper, Margaret Keener Swope, Judith Burdett Kemper, Unk
mother of Henry Davis, Unk mother of Mary Morris Davis, Sarah ann
Caldwell Scroggins, Unk Mrs Nathan Culver, Mary McDonald Martin, Nancy
Jane Rice Spilman, Agness Hodge Martin, Jennet McClure Elliott, Mary
Allen Hulett, Mary (Molly) Metcalfe Ropdgers, Rachel Brockman Page,
Frances Wood Ellis.

My 64 Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr grandfathers and 64 Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandmothers,
I will not list the unknowns. Should be 128 total men and women. These
men and women born circa 1685-1720.
Dennis O'Reardon and Unk Bronaugh or Mason
John Searcy Sr. and Mary Hargrave Searcy
Andrew Thompson and Unk Mrs Thompson (?Marshall)
John Shannon and Sarah Reid Shannon
Thomas Bracken and Kilmary Unk Bracken
William Finley Sr. and Mary Wallace Finley
Alexander Reid and Sarah Unk Reid
Barent Ryneirson and Elizabeth Dubois Ryneirson
Thomas Allison and Barbara Burch Allison
Peter Demaree and Mary Allen Demaree
James Thompson and Ruthie Peyton Thompson
William Holton Pepper and Lucy Smith Pepper
Benedict Swope(Schwab) and Maria Susannah Welker Schwab
Melchior Keener and Mrs Unk Keener
Henry Kemper and Letitia Whitesides Kemper
Frederic Burdett and Mary Sydney Smith Burdett
John Scroggins and Jane Clark Scroggins
John Caldwell and Mary Unk Caldwell
William Martin Sr. and Agness Hodge Martin, Parents of James of Pisgah
and Hugh Martin II.
Francis McDonald Sr. and Sarah(Widow) Hodge Mcdonald
William ElliottSr. And Margaret Unk Elliott
James Spilman and Sarah Ann Cross Spilman
James II Rice and Mary Grenshaw Rice
Hugh Martin I and Sarah Unk Martin( parents of Wm.Martin Sr)
Samuel Hodge and Elizabeth Unk Hodge
Samuel McClure and Mary Kelso McClure
Hamilton Rodgers and Isabella Maimes Rodgers
Capt. John Metcalfe and Sybil Farrow Metcalfe
Axilheath Page and Unk Christian Page
John Brockman Sr. and Mary Collins Brockman
Total of above known as of now are 60

My Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandparents listed below should be 256
Thomas O'Reardon(Raredon) on Ship list. And Unk Mrs Reardon
Joseph Searcy and Mary Unk Searcy
Thomas Shannon and Eigness Reid Shannon
John R. Reid and Lady Mary Stewart
James Finley and E. Patterson Finley
Samuel Wallace and Esther Baker Wallace
Thomas Reid and Mary McKean Reid
Rynier Ryneirson and Geertje Volleman
Charles Allison and Susannah Posey Allison
Oliver Burch and Barbara Tennsion Burch
Samuel Demaree and Leah Demarest Demaree
Capt James Peyton and Susannah Threlkeld Peyton
Samuel Pepper Sr. and Lady Elizabeth Holton
Capt Joseph Smith and Ann Kitty Anderson Smith(Parents of Lucy and Mary
Johann Jorg Schwab (Swope) and Anna Maria Keydel Schwab
John Jorg Welker and Anna Margereth Zimmerman Welker
John Kemper Sr. andAilsey(Alice)Utterbach Kemper
John Sr. Burdett and Maggie Williams Burdett
Capt Joseph Smith and Ann Kitty Anderson(Parents of Lucy Pepper and
Mary Sydney Smith)
George Scroggins and Susannah Unk Scroggins
Gilbert Clark and Princess Fantalina Joy Scroggins Clark
Hugh Martin I and Sarah Unk Martin
Samuel Hodge and Elizabeth Unk Hodge
William Spilman and Margaret Frank Spilman
Matthew Rice and Ann Watson Rice
John Grenshaw and Elizabeth Bates Grenshaw
James McClure and Agness Unk McClure
William Rodgers and Jane Hamilton Rodgers
John Metcalfe Sr. and Diana Gwatkins Metcalfe
Abraham Farrow Jr. and Sybell Whitledge Farrow
Samuel Brockman and Mary Madison Brockman
Capt Joseph Collins and Susannah Robertson Collins

I have several lines of my Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandparents which should
number 512. Over seventy recorded and some of the lines back as far
as 069 AD.


  1. I am also related to the same Reardons Shannons that you speak of!! Related to the Shannons on both sides of my family, all from Franklin, Shelby Counties in Kentucky!! Interesting! email me: I may have some information to help further your research or vice versa

  2. I have been researching the Charles Holloway in your line. Charles lived in Culpeper VA and was a private in the First VA Regiment in the Revolutionary War. He later moved to KY and married Amy Moore. They had a daughter Amy Holloway who married Gershom Moore. Amy applied for bounty land, based on her father's service, in 1834. I found the record of an affidavit by my GGGG-grandfather Elnathan Moore at the Library Of Virginia that was used in her appeal. I would be glad to share this information with you -- and also very appreciative of any information you have about Gershom Moore and about Amy Moore (Charles wife) and Amy Holloway Moore (Charles daughter). There are records that Amy and Gershom had a daughter Mahala Brawner. I did not know of another child whom I assume is Charles M. Moore (your G-grandfather).

  3. Martha Moore, Charles Holloway was married to
    Hannah Bell in Woodford Co. Va.(KY). Woodford
    became a county in late 1789(taken from Fayette) and Franklin was created from Woodford
    in 1795. That is why they were listed as being married in Woodford. There were several
    Amy Moores later. I am most certain that Gershom Moore was related to Elnathan but cannot prove it. Send me you email address.
    Gershom was a family name in the Moore line from Hunterdon County, NJ very early.
    Thanks Harold W. Rarden

  4. Would be interested in any specific information you have reguarding John Rodgers and Mary Metcalfe, his parents, Hamilton Rodgers and Isabella Maines and grandparents William Rodgers and Jame Hamilton. I am related through Johns son Elias F Rodgers
    (email subject Rodgers/Rogers)

  5. Hi - Just saw your response to my comment of March 19th. I may have responded earlier. If we haven't already exchanged information, please email me. I am continuing to find Holloway information. Charles Holloway's will (KY) lists his wife as Hannah, as you have. However, I also have a Charles Holloway who married Abigail Scott, daughter of Henry Scott. Henry was the father of Mary "Polly" Scott who married Elnathan Moore.

  6. As you know, you are right about Hannah Bell & Charles Holloway marrying in Woodford and they then had a daughter Amy Holloway who married Gershom Moore. I have recently seen a Moore bible for their family that lists their children and birth dates, including your Charles M. Moore. James Moore, who sent me the bible pages, is also a descendant of Charles M. Moore. I am looking for the connections in Huntington NJ. QUESTION: How do you know that Gershom's father is William Moore? I'd like to pass that on to James and give him your site link. -