Monday, November 30, 2009

Revolutionary War Patriots and soldiers, ancestors of Harold William Rarden

Fourth or fifth great grandfathers.

James Thompson of Kentucky County and Lincoln County Virginia
(Kentucky) Deputy Surveyor of Kentucky Co. and first head surveyor
of Lincoln County, Representative and Senator, wagonmaster for General Benjamin Logan at The falls of Ohio, Illinois Territory, salt mines and
Battle Of Blue Licks in Kentucky 1778. Put gravestone in Forks of Dix
Baptist Church Cemetery on Rt. 27 North of Lancaster in 2008. DAR

Hugh Martin, Fayette Co. Kentucky Militia. Moved to Muhlenburg Co.
Ky. Buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery. Near Greenville. Into Ky. 1779 Put
gravestone in 2003. DAR

Capt. Samuel Shannon, Franklin Co. Pennsylvania Militia and Va. Cont.
Line. Moved to Shelby County in 1785 where he already had land. Buried
in Shannon Cemetery on Taylorsville Rd. Shelbyville, Ky. Put a gravestone
in on November 3, 2009 DAR

Benedict Swope, Sr. German Reformed Minister, Pennsylvania and
Md. Chaplain and Patriot in The Revolution. Member of Council when
Kentucky became a State. In Ky. 1779 Buried in Swope Cemetery, Garrard
Co. Ky. Will try to put a gravestone in 2010. DAR

Samuel Pepper Sr. Patriot in Rev. from Fauquier County, Va. Moved to
Mason County, Ky. Buried on farm at Minerva. No gravesite found yet. DAR

James Spilman, Member of Culpeper minutemen under John Marshall.
Buried in Culpeper County Va. Unknown Gravesite. DAR or SAR

John Thomas Kemper, Member of Culpeper Minutemen under Benjamin
Harrison. Buried at Forks of Dix Baptist Cemetery, Garrard County, Ky.
Already has a DAR Bronze plaque. DAR

Capt. James Peyton, DAR Botetourt County Militia and Capt. At
Boonsborough. Died in Nelson County, Kentucky. Cannot find gravesite.

Frederic Burdett, Virginia Militia and Patriot of Fauquier Co. Va. Buried
in Garrard Co. Ky. No Gravesite Found Member DAR

Capt. John Metcalfe, Fauquier County Virginia Militia. Seven years.
Died at his farm on Cedar Creek Mason Co. now Robertson County, Ky. but
he and his wife were moved and buried at Forest Retreat on Gov. Thomas
Metcalfe's old farm. Will place a stone for him this year, 2009 or 2010. DAR

Lt. John Finley. Augusta County Va. Militia. Buried in Augusta County
and no Gravesite found yet. DAR

Robert Caldwell Scroggins, Ensign, Md. Continental Line. Buried
near Versailles, Woodford Co. Ky. on farm. No gravesite found. DAR

Robert Elliot, Officer, Augusta County Virginia Militia. Buried on farm
on Shannons run. Near Versailles, Ky. Woodford Co. No gravesite. DAR

Capt. Joseph Smith Sr. Patriot and officer in Revolution. Fauquier County
Va. Militia. Buried in Fauquier Co. Virginia No Gravesite found. DAR

Henry Davis of Woodford County, Ky. Came from Prince George Co. Md.
Kentucky Militia. Filed for revolutionary pension according to Railey's
history of Woodford County. No gravesite found yet.

James Martin of Woodford Co. Ky. Kentucky Militia. Came from Augusta
Co. Va. Filed for Revolutionary pension according to Railey's history of
Woodford, Co. Ky. No gravesite found yet.

Capt. William Shannon, General Conductor of Commissary for George
Rogers Clark 1778 to 1783. Pa. Militia and Va. Continental Line. Brother of
my fourth Gr. Grandfather. Gave land for town of Shelbyville. Buried in
Shannon Cemetery at Shelbyville. Killed in 1794. Had no children of his
own so I put a gravestone in as next of kin. November 3, 2009

I most likely have other Rev. ancestors that I have not researched. Most
men of the right age had to be in the Militia.
The sites that I have listed that I have not found are sites that I have not
looked for diligently. Takes a lot of time and driving to find them all. Most
of them are on old family farms and hard to find.

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